It all started with 2016Brian Preston and Michael Rickman were both working on large design build projects in the city of Atlanta before their paths crossed. Eventually, a greater force brought two guys together with a passion to help educate others in building their own tiny house. 

Home base was established in Villa Rica, GA and they started working to create accurate and reliable tiny house plans that make it easy for the beginner, and the expert. Many plans on the market are not actually drawn by licensed architects. Both Brian and Michael realized there was a need in the market for plans that were drawn by a licensed architect so Go Tiny House was born and the rest is history.  

We are Brian Preston and Michael Rickman.


Brian is an inspirational speaker, serial entrepreneur, home builder, future author, and has appeared on CNN, CBS, DIY and HGTV. He is the founder of Lamon Luther and Tiny House Giveaway. Brian built his first house in 2005, and entered into the tiny house movement in 2013. After completing his first Tiny House as a fundraiser, many people begin to ask for the plans. Brian enjoys spending time with his wife, April and coaching his girls, Mckenna and Mia in softball.

Brian did a Tedx talk on his furniture company Lamon Luther


Michael is an architect that has worked at several different architecture firms throughout his career. He has had the opportunity to work on several great architectural projects, most notably several multi-million dollar laboratories, healthcare facilities and served as a Project Architect for the new Mercedes Benz Stadium for the Atlanta Falcons. Over the years he has gained experience with several different building typologies which include: Single Family Residential, Multi-Family Residential, Healthcare, Science & Technology, Commercial, Retail, Adaptive Reuse, Sports and Aeronautical. Michael is a registered Architect with the State of Georgia.

Our Beliefs

We Believe in Truly Helping Others

Our goal is to help others on their journey to living tiny. That means providing many of our resources free of charge. We also talk to our customers to understand exactly what their goals are. This allows us to help them achieve them and to steer them clear of things they don’t need, even if that means losing business.


We Believe in Honest Pricing

We’re confident you won’t find a plan at lower cost. We don’t charge inflated prices just so that we can discount them later, nor do we tack on extra hidden charges. We are so confident in our pricing that it’s listed on our website for you to view without needing to contact a sales person.



Building a tiny house is scary. There are so many unknowns. Before you spend a dime you should be confident that you're getting the quality plans you deserve.  


We Believe in Exceptional Service

We stand behind our products and our customer service reflects that. We’re here to resolve any problems that you may have or answer any questions that may come up. We go out of our way to make sure you will have the best experience possible.


We Believe in Giving Back

We are committed to giving back to our local community.